My Halloween Radio Playlist Plus Some Old Time Radio Too

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I thought I’d share my music list that I transmit to the neighborhood every night while my Halloween lights are on. I use an FM transmitter tied to an MP3 player and split to one of those lightning machines to flash the lights in time to the music. Not as cool as lighting controllers but it works alright for me.

The first 19 songs are ones I transmit. If you scroll all the way to the bottom I have also placed two Old Time Radio shows from the Mercury Theater. The first is the classic Orson Wells version of War of the Worlds and the other is Dracula. Greta to listen to in the dark on Halloween. If you want to download the shows you can find them on The Mercury Theatre On Air site as well as some other great shows.

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2 Responses to “My Halloween Radio Playlist Plus Some Old Time Radio Too”

  1. Bankruptcy Attorney Says:

    Ha!! Awesome resource!! I now have an awesome playlist for my kids haunted house next year!!

    Thanks for the creepy music ideas

  2. Matt Says:

    Some big tracks on your playlist here

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