I seem to have a minor obsession with stickering my Ford Escape. When questioned about it I reply that I’m calling to my tribes. It even works from time to time, and I’ve had quite a few interesting conversations with strangers because of the aforementioned stickers. That’s what this little website is. Just me calling to my tribes.

The sun rising behind me in South Dakota on a morning in September 2018.

Let me introduce myself. I’m Patrick Nottingham, and if you’ve stumbled here from a very old bookmark you might remember this domain pointing to my Halloween Home Haunt in Altoona, Pennsylvania. I’ve owned this domain – Castle Nottingham – for roughly 17 years at this writing, but I officially stopped decorating my house to an extreme for Halloween back in 2009.

Though I let the site and content go, I kept the name. I used to run another site called the Raven’s Barrow and when I let the domain go for that a Chinese link farmer snapped it up. I didn’t want that happening to this one so I held onto it for equal parts nostalgia and spite.

Lately, I’ve been making some changes in my life. I’ve added a bit of new and did some housecleaning of the old. With those changes, I felt an old tugging to have a home on the Internet again. So here I am again, calling to my tribes: people who love Halloween and horror movies, vegans, outdoorsy types, believers in cryptids and spooky things, and those with a general fondness for science. As I start posting the aesthetic will wander no doubt.

Maybe you found your way here because of one of these tribal callings. If, however, you found yourself here wondering if you can cosplay a vegan Bigfoot for a horror con then, by all means, please leave a comment behind. We could be BFFs.

Look. It’s me.